Welcome to the Virtual Racing Events

We host live racing events to simulate real life large r/c events. All of our events will be broadcasted live to Facebook and/or YouTube. Everyone is welcome!

Our events will consist of 3 qualifiers, mains will be setup using quali-points, and we will bump 2-up from each main to the next.

First race up, 1/8 Nitro Buggy @ Fear Farm! January 19th, 2019.


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Club name: Virtual Racing Events
Created: 09.12.2018
Manager: TNL Server
Country: US USA
Home track: Phoenix Fear Farm
Members: 94

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CLUB SET-UP HELP!!!!!!!! added: 29.03.2020

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Couple of "CLUB" questions.
First: Can a club have more than one owner/manger?
Two: How do you set up an event or series properly?
I have tried 3 now and it will not allow us to go from qualifying to the mains. Each time it comes up with "you have not qualified" error. Tried different settings but no luck.
Is this just an issue with the huge numbers lately? or am I not setting things up correctly?



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29.03.2020 [16:35]
1. A club can have ONE owner but has the ability to transfer ownership to another racer for any reason.

For my CLUB TIRE KING i have elected a Vice President by the name of Ray Bressingham who will be receiving all my awards up till date as the club owner and future President in case of my DEATH. My wife and family know how to transfer the club ownership to keep CLUB TIRE KING alive forever.

2.You set up events by on the club's Home page by click the EVENTS TAB.

3. We are currently having ROUND 2 issues site wide which is being addressed so I have advised All club owners that have reached out to my sellf for advice and New owners to only set 1 round at this time.

Good luck on your club!!!


Club Tire King President

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