News of October, 2014


31.10.2014   8 comments   Video: 1 available


We have done another comparison study, now between the virtual and the real Euro Nitro Series race on which we have reported already earlier because of the amazing 0.006 seconds difference between 'virtual' winner Jakub Rozycki and 'real' winner Lamberto Collari.'

We have compared the first few laps and some laps towards the end to compare speed, racing line, and also very important, the slip angle of the cars. Now this last is very difficult to measure, in fact there is no scientific data available so it is mainly guessing. Or is it? What we did in the past to study this is to play videos in slow motion but then reversed. This gives you an excellent view of the real slip angle of the car. In this video we have done this for the real and the virtual car and guess what: also these slip angles are extremely close.

And why is slip angle important? Because it is a very important factor concerning the 'feel' of the car. The other factors are acceleration and braking (trigger finger), initial turn-in into the... read more

VRC PRO is submitted for Steam

28.10.2014   25 comments


VRC PRO has been submitted for release on 'Steam', which is one of the world's biggest mainstream computer gaming portals. In order to appear on Steam, our game needs to be voted for. We need your help with this.

So please vote for us at Steam Greenlight, and let's make VRC PRO appear on Steam as soon as possible. The more racers we have in VRC PRO, the more fun it will be for everybody! And remember, mainstream gamers have gaming skills that are ideal for VRC and real RC!

Please vote for us here at Steam Greenlight:

Thank you for supporting us!


24.10.2014   10 comments   Video: 1 available


Having footage available of the Grand Opening event at NEO14, and footage of the real NEO14 A-Main, called for a 'Virtual vs Real' study of the 1:8 nitro buggies, never done before. Same cars, same track, same camera position and zooming (as much as possible) so we should end up with very similar pictures. And we did. We modified the brightness and color of the VRC video a bit to match the real NEO14 which of course is at an indoor facility with quite a bit of smoke (and we don't fill our virtual hall with smoke...). We even added a touch of blur, so keep in mind that the actual VRC footage is a lot sharper, brighter and colorful.

It's quite amazing to see how similar the cars in VRC Pro behave to the real cars. It's evidence of how good the physics and vehicle dynamics of VRC Pro are, check out the video and see for yourself.

Another interesting analysis: the average lap time of the VRC Pro winner Tobias Isaksson was 28.4 sec (2 pit stops in the 20 minute race), and Ty Tessmann, winner of the re... read more


16.10.2014   7 comments


This weekend the Euro Nitro Series races their final race of 2014 at Fiorano, and we invite all VRC racers to participate in the virtual edition of this event, starting today at 18:00 hours. There will be 3 rounds, qualifying on Friday, bump-up finals on Saturday and main finals on Sunday. So a very compact schedule for racers who don't have any real racing going on this week.

We will be racing in 1:8 nitro sportscars, and in 1:10 nitro Sedans, 1 class only!

So, no real racing to do this weekend? Join the nitro on-road racing fun at Fiorano Italy.

This event is presented to you by RUNNERTIME

Check out the real Euro Nitro Seroies results at Fiorano at


15.10.2014   15 comments


Just over 3 years after the launch of VRC Pro 3 racers are approaching the incredible distance of.... 100,000 virtual kilometers. That is a total distance of 2 1/2 times around the earth, with a radio controlled model racing car. Hard to imagine and must be a world record! Reaching 100,000 km will make them member of the illustrious VRC Pro Century Club.

The race to this milestone is between Tom Ebersole from the US with 95,491 km under his belt, Graham Raistrick from the UK with 93,952 km, and Pierre Dumusc from Switzerland with 92,690 km. Interestingly, all 3 are well over 50 and long time r/c racers, indicating that virtual r/c racing must have a great appeal to 'senior' and ex r/c racers. Maybe we should start an 'over 50' league one day... Having said that, Graham Raistrick is leading several of the rankings and ha... read more


08.10.2014   24 comments


Tired of practicing alone? We now offer you up to 9 other cars on the track while you practice! The cars are specially selected for you to match your skill and racing level. You can also select another level yourself, there are 3 levels available: easy, medium and hard.

The cars will be refreshed frequently so you could be racing with a complete different set of cars a week from now. The cars are released in random order and at random intervals each time you start your practice, so the situation is never the same!

Not all PC’s are capable of running up to 9 cars plus your own car, so we start with just 3. If your frame rate drops under 60 fps we will automatically reduce the suggested number of cars, if you have plenty of frame rate the suggested number of cars will go up. You can always try to reduce your graphics settings to improve the frame rate, lowering or turning of the dynamic shadows has the biggest impact. If you want to run with 8 or more off-road cars we adv... read more

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