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Psycho Nitro Blast - V edition - 2012 lay-out.
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News of February, 2016

Event report for: 2016 SEASON 1 1:8 NITRO BUGGY ROUND 2



Report by Larry Blair (vrc pro race reporter)

Race #2 of the pro nitro buggy series was held at Psycho nitro Blast 5 and with an almost all new field in the A main, we find ourselves with a new winner and an early contender as the overall points leader on the season.

Marcin Maliński made his debut on the season with an incredible run posting a fast lap of a 38.7 with a total race average of 39.8. He stretched out his lead from the beginning of the race and was never challenged. Malinski made very few mistakes but when he did, he recoverd fast and got back in the groove and never really lost much time. At the end of the race he built a lead that would let him finish 1st on the podium by a 17.7 sec lead over 2nd place.

The real race was between 2nd 3rd and 4th. These guys were going back and forth the whole race and really matching each others line and lap times. But in the end consistency and patience played the biggest role as it does with every race. A well deserved 2nd place on the podium went to Anthony Bruyer who finished with a 13 sec lead over 3rd place. The 3rd and final spot on the podium went to Robert Hillman were he would post an impressive 30 lap total and finish on pace with the lead lap.

Pro nitro buggy A main race results

1. Marcin Maliński PL Poland 30 20:12.892 1
2. Anthony Bruyer FR France 30 20:30.680 5
3. Robert Hillman SE Sweden 30 20:43.105 4
4. Joel Smith AU Australia 29 20:19.557 6
5. Cyrille Payet RE Reunion Island 29 20:19.646 8
6. Igor Goderski PL Poland 29 20:28.248 3
7. Vincent Bidet FR France 29 20:33.300 9
8. Robsl Linder AT Austria 29 20:42.903 10
9. Uwe De Zwart AT Austria DNF n/a
10. Claus Didriksen NO Norway DNF n/a

With a 6 point lead, Robert Hillman is the early points leader after race 2.

1. Robert Hillman 216
2. Igor Goderski 210
3. Joel Smith 87 198
4. Hans Magne Berg 195
5. Robsl Linder 182
6. Nicolas Arizzi 178
7. Uwe De Zwart 165
8. Tommaso Andreuccetti 162
9. Fulvio Marandola 156
10. Ralf H. Vey 152


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(Total posts: 4)
06.02.2016 [23:27]
Very interesting report Larry. Waiting for to read other chapters.
06.02.2016 [19:15]
Cool report Larry! Make some action closeups of the cars too.
06.02.2016 [09:47]
Thanks Jupe, I really enjoy reading your reports and look forward to reading them in the future!
06.02.2016 [09:27]
Nice report Larry!!


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