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Registration process Welcome to the VRC Pro registration process. Please fill out the registration form so you can download VRC-PRO. In just a couple of minutes you will have access to the world's best r/c racing simulator and online community. A download link will appear at the end of your registration.
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IMPORTANT: The e-mail address and password is used to login to the VRC Pro website and for your user account in the VRC pro sim game. To protect your VRC Pro account and the valuable assets in it like tracks, components, veuros and vmiles and racing status, we recommend to use a password with minimum 8 characters and use at least 1 number and character. VRC Pro is a 'real people' project. You must therefore register with your REAL first and last name. The VRC organization uses payment information to check your name and maintains the right to inactivate accounts which are using incorrect names, at its own discretion. Your VRC Pro account is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to another person. Your name can therefore NOT be changed.

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