Welcome to the Ukrainian VRC ProTeam Drivers

This is club for Ukrainian professional drivers from Kiev Team

Club details

Club name: Ukrainian VRC ProTeam Drivers
Created: 22.04.2013
Manager: Vladimir Fedorenko
Country: UA Ukraine
Home track: C-Netic
Members: 23

All club events

Start date Event Track Power Surface Notify
09.11.2021 Beat time Psycho Nitro Blast2 Current 1:8 Electric buggy Nitro Blast 2 Electric OffRoad
18.10.2021 Fast battle - C-Netic edition Past 1:8 Electric buggy C-Netic Electric OffRoad
28.09.2021 Naxos Fearless Past 1:8 Electric buggy Naxos Electric OffRoad
07.09.2021 [Official] Pattaya Superstars Past 1:8 Electric buggy Pattaya 1 Electric OffRoad
19.08.2021 Pre-Fastest Event Past 1:8 Electric buggy NEO-2 Electric OffRoad
10.06.2021 Fast Race Challenge Past 1:8 Electric buggy Buenos Aires Electric OffRoad

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