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Club name: Salemi Racing Team
Created: 26.11.2011
Manager: Mirko Salemi
Country: IT Italy
Home track: Melzo
Members: 123

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Champion Multiplayers


ENGLISH:I had the idea of ​​creating a championship in multiplayer ... is helping me in this thing Poliseno ... then the race is that we in the club racing titles, such as normal and as it would take too long to do everything in multiplayer qualification are carried out in the club .... that's why it created the first 10 will be contacted by me and split into two semi-finals which will be made ​​from 5 multiplayer pass the first two in each semi-final and the third best ... the final will be the 5 of course all of this because the multiplayer would not stand too many people and jerky ... so everything is done
If you have other questions as well tell me

ITALIANO:Ho avuto l'idea di creare un campionato in multiplayer...mi sta aiutando in questa cosa Poliseno...allora la gara si fa nel club cioè facciamo le qualifiche come le gare normali e siccome sarebbe troppo lungo fare tutto in multiplayer le qualifiche vengono effettuate nel club ecco perchè lo creato....i primi 10 verranno contattati da me e divisi in due semifinale da 5 che verranno effettuate in multiplayer passano i primi due di ogni semifinale ed il miglior terzo...la finale si fara da 5 ovviamente tutto questo perchè il multiplayer non sopporta troppa gente ed andrebbe a scatti...cosi si effettua tutto
Se hai altre domande dimmi pure


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30.11.2011 [20:04]
Thanks Brian
30.11.2011 [16:59]
Hi Hermann.

5/10 drivers in the MAIN-FINAL.
The strating grid are planned with qualifications that we will make multiplayers.
The times of multiplayers session we don't know now.
At the top 5 or 10 drivers, we send a email with the password for multiplayers session.

Sorry for my english.

29.11.2011 [18:50]
Hello Mirko,

Some questions:

How long are the multiplayer finals planned?
How the starting grid at the multiplayer is determined?
At which time you have planned the multiplayer sessions?
I think the multiplayer sessions are protected with password and your are send mail
to the qualified racers?
If racers not participate - can then move up other drivers?

There is a lot of organization - good luck!

Greetings, Hermann

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