Welcome to the Scholars' VRC Pro Club

The Mission is to have VRC Racers grow, share, and enhance their virtual knowledge about setups in order to improve their real-life RC racing experiences.

The Goal is to learn how to setup vehicles for off-road tracks.

The Objective is every two weeks, this club will focus on one off-road track.
Week one will be all the spec off-road cars.
Week two will be all the mod off-road cars.

Each week, each class winner will post their setup to the club forum.

Lets have fun,
Dr. M

Club details

Club name: Scholars' VRC Pro Club
Created: 15.04.2020
Manager: Glenn Mathias
Country: US USA
Home track: Psycho Nitro Blast 1
Members: 9

News detail and comments

BACH Club....


Hello All,

The BACH VRC Pro Club has now become the Scholars' VRC Pro Club.

Please be patient as I am trying to figure out the best racing formats.

Thank you,
Dr. M


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Other news

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05.05.2020   0 comments

Hello All,

After the mod race at Silver Dollar 2, what track do you want the Scholars' VRC Pro Cl... read more

What's Up Next...

24.04.2020   0 comments

Silver Dollar Raceway 2 is coming up.

Dr. M

What's Up Next...

21.04.2020   0 comments

Hello All,

After the mod race in Late April, what track do you want the Scholars' VRC Pro Club to... read more




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