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custom controller added: 05.10.2011

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Kyosho KT5 + Thrustmaster Firestorm (click images to show full size) http://www.vrcworld.com/getimage.ashx?xid=9840w=400 https://www.vrcworld.com/getimage.ashx?xid=9841w=400 https://www.vrcworld.com/getimage.ashx?xid=9842w=400 https://www.vrcworld.com/getimage.ashx?xid=9843w=400 https://www.vrcworld.com/getimage.ashx?xid=9844w=400 https://www.vrcworld.com/getimage.ashx?xid=9845w=400 Edited by author: 6.10.2011 10:42:51 GMT Edited by administrator: 6.10.2011 13:00:29 GMT


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18.01.2013 [12:33]
OK how did you get the stering wheel hooked up to the stick from the controller ? Or does this controller have a a knob that turns on it ?
Because i would like to try this out.

Edited by author: 18.1.2013 12:34:13 GMT
13.12.2012 [22:31]
Very nice!
13.12.2012 [13:42]

Force Feedback rule !
10.12.2012 [21:52]

Pistol grip with force return... just like on rough rostrum !

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