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Practicing with Time Trials, to make quick setup changes and improvements added: 30.03.2018

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Something I have tried at the last couple races that really helps cut seconds off is running Time Trials. I have been open practicing with no time limit, and keeping track of fast lap or averages in my head and not being able to see how they’ve developed. Time Trials are just 2 minutes; and you get times (2 min heat time, fast/slow/avg lap) to compare, make changes, or think about how to take a certain corner/jump and try again. The time Trials also have daily/weekly/monthly/all time records to compare your times with and set goals. I did it for e-buggy spec where I've struggled to make a-mains and got in comfortably this time at Silver Dollar; also the VRC Carpet 3 Rally race. I have run a bunch of Time Trials preparing for the 1/10 TC worlds race at Kissimmee, which is starting (SURPRISE!) this weekend; and I can see where Time Trials have specifically helped me take seconds off a 2 min run, which will translate into even more seconds in a full race. Having a 2 minute trial is great because it’s structured, and you get a run over very quickly so you can instantly evaluate whether a change you’ve made worked or not. Lapping for 5,10,20 minutes can be good for classes like ⅛ onroad with important tire wear and fuel stop strategy to consider; but for shaving seconds off over and over again to gain speed, give Time Trials a try.


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06.08.2021 [19:12]
thanks for tips
01.04.2018 [14:12]
Thanks, yes short runs with lap counting to compare. I rarely have the discipline to stop at a given time, tank, bat level and analyze in detail what I and car did.
31.03.2018 [20:02]
keeping track of laps is the key.

I like doing 1 tank or pack. reset the laps before by quickly starting & quitting a qual. or set a short race/qual & use that. look for fast lap, avg lap, and number of laps below a target (e.g. no. of 34s laps if track record is 33.7, etc.). to me it's just a bit easier than time trials, but same idea
31.03.2018 [19:57]
good tip!

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