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Thunderpower 3.7V 6800 mAh 65C

Thunderpower 3.7V 6800 mAh 65C LiPo battery pack.
The potent race series of LiPo batteries for competition level performance. Thunder Power RC’s most potent LiPo battery series made for competition level race performance. Offering the lowest IR and the coolest operating temperatures, these batteries will offer more competitive advantage to your race setup. The Advanced Energy Series boasts more voltage, more run time, and the lightest weight available in their class.
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Type: battery 1:12 on-road
Note: this component requires a full-option chassis
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Thunderpower 7.4V 6000 mAh 65C

Thunder Power 6000 65C LiPo battery pack, 7.4V
G6 Pro Race 65C series batteries are the most powerful batteries ever made available for pro- and competition-level racing in the hottest ‘spec’ and ‘mod’ motor classes. Featuring exclusive Generation 6 chemistry that offers the lowest possible internal resistance (IR) – up to 40% lower than similar class batteries from previous generations – they deliver more power and more cycle life than ever before. Plus they can be charged at rates up to 12C* for ultra-fast charge times of as little as 5 minutes or less.
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Type: battery 1:10 all-road
Note: this component requires a full-option chassis
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