Step 1. Download, Install and Run VRC Pro

  • Download the VRC Pro software
  • We recommend you lower the graphics settings according your system performance. Car handling can feel much better with minimal graphics settings.

Step 2. Select a good controller

  • Go to game options
  • Select the VRC USB adaptor (available in e-shop) or a gamepad/joystick and calibrate it

Step 3. Practice

Step 3.1 Basic practice

  • Go to any track
  • Try to improve your personal best lap time
  • Try to achieve the 75%, 80%, 85%, 90% and 95% official track record achievement
  • Try to achieve consistency and precision achievements
  • You can also practice with official qualify or race procedure by clicking on the button in the bottom

Step 3.2 Advanced practice

  • Practice with ghost cars
      click on "events" › visit a "passed event" › click on "practice" › click on "practice now"
  • Practice with time trial
      click on "time trial" and try to set the day record at any track

Step 4. Race online

Step 4.1 Online multiplayer

  • Go to "Multiplayer" in the game
  • Join or create a session
  • Race up to 10 cars per session!

Step 4.2 Official race events

  • Go to "Events" in the game
  • Select an event
  • Click on "race" to participate
  • Race on your own level against other drivers from around the world
  • See, analyze and compare your results on the website (event page)
  • Each race season has 13 weeks and features +- 8 events per car class

Step 5. Expand your VRC pro experience with new cars and tracks


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