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2013 SEASON 3 - 1:12 ELECTRIC status: FINISHED

series default logo Race: 06 July 2013 to 21 September 2013
Class: 1:12 Electric on-road
Events: 6 events with total 18 rounds on 6 track(s)
Points: Level 2 ABC (1 - 120)
Prizes: not selected
Restrictions: Not restricted
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2013 Season 3 1:12 Sportscars – by TEKIN



PRO class
Dana Bailes (US) has dominated Series 3 from start till almost the finish, only in the very last double points event at Bangkok he was edged out by a second by Barnebas Toth, but with 5 wins and a second he is the undisputed winner this season. Atsushi Hasegawa, a die-hard 1:12 racer from Japan secured 2nd place with 2 seconds and 2 third places, just ahead of Graham Raistrick (UK) with 2 seconds, one third and a 4th. Barnabas Toth had to settle for 4th this season despite winning the season closer at Bangkok in convincing style. The heat is turned up on Bailes, the competition is moving closer and closer.

No surprise USA also dominated the nations ranking with 5 racers in the top-30, with Japan and Hong Kong in second and third.

So who is Dana Bailes…?
“I race 17.5 and 13.5 1/12th scale and World GT. I won the US Indoor Championship in Cleveland in 2002 in Stock 1/12th. I'm thinking about trying modified since I have a way to train for the necessary discipline and focus. I can't believe more top racers don't use VRC. I think it is because they don't have the computer knowledge to make the game run well. I've spoken to Kevin Hebert who is probably the best 1/12th racer in North America right now and he said the game doesn't feel realistic to him. He also admitted his computer was basically crap so I don't know why he doesn't see that as the cause.

I will be OK in 1/10 once I have some setups to start races with. I'm fastest in Spec at Oulo right now and I didn't drive 1/10 on the track until last night. I broke the lap record in my qualifier and went almost .2 faster than that in practice. Do lap records only count if they are done during time trials because its not giving me the record? I don't really like running touring cars. I just like to compete. I was a 100% Team Losi factory driver and quit running touring cars because it became too much work. I don't know how Barnabas and Graham can run all of those classes. They must really love to compete! “

SPORT class
This class was hard fought for by Bob Seay (US), Martin Kreuzberger (DE) and Lindsay Mccabe (ES), evenly sharing first, second and third places but in the end they finished in this order with 10 points difference dispite Lindsay winning the double pointer at Bangkok with just 1 second to spare on season winner Seay. Seay and Kreuzberger move up to Pro class in Season 4, Mccabe will do another season in Sport.

USA took the Nations ranking by a mile (5 drivers in top-21) over Germany in second and Australia in third.

CLUB class
Another win for Thailand this season, with a clean sweep by Surapol Vorapatratorn (yes he moves to PRO class…). Kevin Tsang (HK) and Jon Gutting had a close battle for 2nd this season, but despite a poor finish at the last race (9th in the A-Main) Kevin was able to hang on to second place in the end. Surapol’s race results have launched him into Pro class next season, Jon will do another season in Club, and Kevin will race Sport in season 4.

USA won the nations ranking with more than double the points than runner up Australia, Italy had to settle for third.

2013 Season 3 1:12 Sportscars 10.5T Blinky – by TEKIN

PRO class 10.5T
Dana Bailes also dominated 10.5T Blinky class this season, with 5 wins and a second in Finland. Graham Raistrick picked up 2 second places and 4 thirds, while Barnabas Toth raced just 4 racers this season, with a no-show 7th in Orlando.

The nations ranking was a close race between Hungary and the USA, but with 3 in the top-10 Hungary beat the US with 47 points after 6 races! Germany had to settle for 3rd.

SPORT class 10.5T

Jeremy Losaw (US) took top honors by winning the all important season closer at Bangkok which gave him a 5 points edge over modified winner Bob Seay. Martin Kreutzberger from Germany came third in season 3 with 3 third places and 1 fourth. We will see Losaw back in Pro class in Season 4!

Again USA dominsated the nation rankings with a massive 5 racers in the top-11. Germany was a distant second and even much more down in points was Canada.

CLUB class 10.5T

The same 3 racers as in modified took the podium in 10.5T Blinky Club class: Vorapatratorn – Guting – Tsang, 2nd and 3rd now swapping places. No surprises or upsets here.

With 5 racers in the top-13 there was no other country that could challenge the USA for victory in the nations ranking. Italy and Australia completed the podium.

Interesting to see that USA has dominated all 5 of the 6 classes, apparently there are still a lot of 1:12 racers in the US! Come on rest of the world, give the US some stick in Season 4!

Video coverage of Season 3 in our YouTube e-sport channel.


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