I can't start the game, what should I do?

Last updated: 05.09.2011

Please check the following things:

1) Update you windows with latest updates
2) Get latest drivers from your graphics card vendor (AMD, NVIDIA) pages for you graphic card (don't use the Microsoft default drivers only)
3) Do the 'full check' on VRC PRO updater for game files
4) Set your graphical setting to minimum via updater recovery page
5) Make sure that you are not starting game by directly running 'game.exe' file, but only by 'vrcpro.exe' and then clicking on 'Start VRC' button after updates finished.

If the game starts but you are not able to see main game window during start then you need to do right click on taskbar icon and 'maximize', or press 'Alt+Enter' during game start. This is known issue we're working on.

Note that integrated Intel graphics cards usually aren't powerful enough to play VRC Pro.

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