How can I earn vEuros?

Last updated: 07.09.2011

You can purchase virtual Euros (vEuros) in our eshop, or you can earn some vEuros this way:

Invite a friend from outside
For every friend you successfully invite into VRC Pro you will both be rewarded if he refers to your email address during his registration. As a Free-to-Play member you get 10 vEuros and your friend receives 10 vEuros. As a full member the reward is 1 month subscription.
An invitation is successful if your friend spends at least 10 Euros (≈$13) in our e-shop.

Your friends are welcome to join VRC Pro! VRC Pro is a great way to race more regularly with racers from your local club or indeed to introduce your friends with the hobby and to one day race real RC together with them if they really like RC racing.

There basically two ways to invite your friends into VRC Pro:

- Send them an email yourself, including this link:

- Use the VRC Pro friend invitation feature so we can send them an email on behalf of you

The VRC Pro friend invitation feature is located here:

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