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Fear Farm, host of 'THE DIRT', 2013 version
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News of April, 2017



Report by VRC race reporting

SEASON 1 2017 1:8 ELECTRIC BUGGY SPEC round 4 Fear Farm

Fear Farm track was hosting 4th round of 1:8 electric buggy spec serie.
In semifinal round, Canadian Dan Phillion was the only one, who runned totally 14 laps. Another Canadian Andrew Bucar was standing at second place, 2 seconds behind. Third fastest was serieleader Hillman, with 3.6 distance to TQ.

The Final was very intence. Third grid owner Hillman had some struggles in early stage and he had to make very furios run, as his "battle mate" Bucar was also in very good pace. After 16 laps, Hillman crossed the line in third place and Bucar had to settle to fourth, 3 seconds behind Hillman.
Koski and Phillion fighted strongly of the win. Phillion was faster in early stage but Koski didnt give up. Koski had more consistent pace and this solved this win for him. Ok, Phillion made crucial mistake at lap 15 when they were starting last lap. He cutted the corner and Koski passed him. From this point Koski only needed to keep the pace and drive between the pipes.
He crossed the line in first place, 0.6 seconds before Phillion. Great drive by Ari!

PRO level winner, Ari Koski

SPORT level race was also won by Finnish driver. Marko Laitinen had good fight against German driver Thomas Priemer. Primer had the pace to win this round, but unfortunatelly his mistakes at laps 10 and 12 ruined his race. These mistakes cost him 7 seconds and Laitinen got close and also passed. Laitinen won this with tiny 0.197 seconds margin before Priemer. French Ivan Barnier was third, 17 seconds behind winner.

Phillion had the pace, but his mistake ruined his chances

CLUB level race was French domination. Nicolas Hallier was on his own seconds and totally crushed others. He won the race with 20 seconds margin before American Mark Thompson.
Another American Curtis Damm, came to third place, he had 30 seconds gap to winner.
So, it was very clear podium in CLUB level race.

Hillman had to give his best to beat Bucar


A-main PRO

1|Ari Koski|FI|16|10:28.711 2|Dan Phillion|CA|16|10:29.303 3|Robert Hillman|SE|16|10:30.560 4|Andrew Bucar|CA|16|10:33.569 5|Marshall Kirkholm|US|16|10:35.740 6|Jonas Dalensjö|SE|15|10:03.089 7|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|15|10:08.374 8|Robin Lupo|US|15|10:12.534 9|Jabin Carlton|US|15|10:15.280 10|Carson Yeung|HK|15|10:16.928

A-main SPORT

1|Marko Laitinen|FI|15|10:07.323 2|Thomas Priemer|DE|15|10:07.520 3|Ivan Barnier|FR|15|10:24.640 4|Gaetan ANGER|FR|15|10:24.646 5|Dani Tortuga|ES|15|10:25.537 6|Michael Marsack|US|15|10:26.977 7|Valeriy Kornilov|RU|14|10:00.711 8|Oscar Hogans|US|DNS 9|Akos Fazekas|HU|DNF 10|Ruben Martins|AU|DNS

A-main CLUB

1|Nicolas Hallier|FR|15|10:12.369 2|Mark Thompson|US|15|10:33.220 3|Curtis Damm|US|14|10:01.160 4|Mario Unverzagt|DE|14|10:04.949 5|Seb LAMBERT|FR|14|10:10.332 6|Michaël BANCOURT|FR|14|10:14.769 7|Derrick Raymond-Prior|CA|14|10:32.243 8|Alex Stager|CA|14|10:36.243 9|Marko Vähäkuopus|FI|DNS 10|Joe Capone|AU|DNS


PRO level

1|Robert Hillman|308 2|Dan Phillion|300 3|Andrew Bucar|296 4|Ari Koski|292 5|Tommaso Andreuccetti|270 6|Carson Yeung|264 7|Erik Bottosso|232 8|Marshall Kirkholm|209 9|Bob Seay|208 10|Billy Yeung|202

SPORT level

1|Dani Tortuga|308 2|Valeriy Kornilov|254 3|Ruben Martins|243 4|Gary Crowell|232 5|Emanuele Sartori|216 6|Niki Josefsson|195 7|Gary Sundman|191 8|Ivan Barnier|184 9|Mike Bridges|180 10|Dorian Marcel|168

CLUB level

1|Nicolas Hallier|314 2|Mario Unverzagt|288 3|Curtis Damm|270 4|Alessandro Turini|254 5|Mark Thompson|226 6|Derrick Raymond-Prior|223 7|Manuel Weber|215 8|Karl heinz Johann|181 9|Ramon Baldessari|165 10|Christos Katsigiannis|148


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