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News of August, 2017

2017 SEASON 2 1:8 NITRO BUGGY ROUND 2 Fear Farm


Report by J-P.Huhtala


PRO level

Fear Farm was hosting second race of nitrobuggy series. PRO level driver, talented youngster from USA, Tom Rinderknecht was setting the pace at qualifying. This 15 years old American`s average was 34.696, and this was something special. After him there was three Finnish offroaders, Ilari Lamminsivu and two Worldchampions from last year. Tommi Vacklin and Markku Honkanen. Lamminsivu was standing at second place, over 5 seconds behind Rinderknecht. Vacklin in third place, 0.2 seconds behind Lamminsivu.
Honkanen who won this class World title in last years Worlds, was over 9 seconds away from TQ pace, at fourth place. But as we have witnessed this in some tracks, Honkanen is planning his starting grid allready at qualy round and at least in race we could see his true pace. Now at qualifying round, Markku`s average was 35.787.

It was bit sad, when main was arranged and cars were at the grid. Rinderknecht, Lamminsivu and also Marson who got fifth grid for the final, were missing.
But we have two Worldchampions at front and expectations for the great battle, were high.
As the race started, it was very clear that Honkanen and Vacklin would set the pace. They were pretty much in same pace, but Honkanen was few 10th`s faster. And with his consistency and pace, Vacklin`s only job was to bring his car ”home” safely behind Honkanen. Honkanen got well deserved win from Fear Farm, finally Vacklin was over 5 seconds behind when race ended. But all in all, Honkanen had to do good run to beat another Worldchampion. Great job guys!
As Rinderknecht, Lamminsivu and Marson didnt participate for the final, two USA drivers solved final podium place. Marshall Kirkholm started from 6th and Jabin Carlton from 7th grid. In gualifying round they had very same pace, Carlton was only half seconds behind Kirkholm.
These two talents runned very exiting main, they swapped places seven times and this was pure racing. Finally Kirkholm was over one 10th faster in average and this secured his third place.
Jabin had to settle to fourth, but only 0.8 seconds behind Marshall. Nice battle!

Two Worldchampions were on fire

SPORT level

SPORT level race was also really exiting. Swedish driver Joel Martinsson and German Frank Wagner solve the win. Wagner led this pack about 90% of the race, but he done his decisive mistakes at laps 30 and 31. These mistakes gave him 6 seconds of extra and also allowed Martinson gain him from 3 second back trip, and go for the lead. Martinson`s only job was to drive safe last lap and get the win. Difference was 2.5 seconds when race ended, Martinson first and Wagner second.
Korean driver Ko Chong Hee made something special at his race. He started this race from 9th grid, run very good race and finally got to third place. Very nice from Ko Chong Hee.

Martinson and Wagner set the pace at the SPORT level

CLUB level

Canadian Stephane Ethier dominated the CLUB level. Qualifying round allready showed his remarkable pace, as he drove to pole with 10 seconds margin before South African Ryan Carlyle.
At the race, nobody couldnt answer to Stephane`s pace and he won this race with ”showstyle”.
Ryan Carlyle was second, 36 seconds behind winner and Portuguese Nuno Lourenco third, 1.4 seconds behind Carlyle.

Stephane Ethier was at his own level at the CLUB level



1|Markku Honkanen|FI|34|20:32.877 2|Tommi Vacklin|FI|33|20:03.583 3|Marshall Kirkholm|US|32|20:18.657 4|Jabin Carlton|US|32|20:19.475 5|Gary Crowell|US|32|20:31.337 6|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|32|20:33.143 7|Carson Yeung|HK|32|21:02.208


1|Joel Martinsson|SE|32|20:32.414 2|Frank Wagner|DE|32|20:34.891 3|Ko Chong hee|KR|31|20:32.868 4|Kristian Lohse|AU|30|20:02.491 5|Seb LAMBERT|FR|30|20:04.148 6|Tony Corless|US|30|21:12.117 7|Gaetan ANGER|FR|28|20:18.277


1|Stephane Ethier|CA|30|20:01.628 2|Ryan Carlyle|ZA|30|20:38.048 3|Nuno Lourenco|PT|29|20:00.568 4|Alan Prevendar|US|29|20:01.926 5|Takayuki Osaka|JP|29|20:35.972 6|Dan Hoogwerff|US|28|20:14.060 7|isla pesca|JP|28|20:17.549 8|Alex Pavlovskiy|RU|28|20:24.048 9|Henri Vayrette|FR|27|20:33.946


PRO level

1|Marshall Kirkholm|225 2|Carson Yeung|216 3|Gary Crowell|199 4|Jabin Carlton|198 5|Jonas Dalensjö|191 6|Tommaso Andreuccetti|190 7|Valeriy Kornilov|174 8|Pasi Vainionperä|168 9|Tom Rinderknecht|144 10|Oscar Montoya|139

SPORT level

1|Joel Martinsson|237 2|Frank Wagner|225 3|Gaetan ANGER|222 4|Kristian Lohse|222 5|Seb LAMBERT|210 6|Jürgen Trieb|203 7|Pablo Izquierdo Lopez|192 8|Peter Haaima|178 9|Tyler Mackenzie|164 10|Adrien Prieto|151

CLUB level

1|Nuno Lourenco|234 2|Stephane Ethier|231 3|Alan Prevendar|207 4|isla pesca|207 5|Dan Hoogwerff|194 6|Takayuki Osaka|193 7|Rémi Pereira|184 8|Yuriy Tantsura|156 9|Peter Elphinstone|143 10|Brad Dalbec|136


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23.08.2017 [19:44]

Thanks Marshall!

SPORT level racevideo also posted here:
VRC PRO 2017 SEASON 2 1:8 NITRO BUGGIES round 2 Fear Farm SPORT level

17.08.2017 [22:31]
Nice report Jupe!

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