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VRC Carpet 3 track. This is the electric racer's dream come true. A carpet track with interesting elevations such as a double deck back straight and a fly-over crossing in the infield. This track can be attacked hard but requires also some caution especially on the ramps.

View the 2011 Yokomo Open for 1:10 electric Spec class.
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Report by J-P Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 1, Carpet 3

1:10 ISTC MODIFIED, Season 1 started from VRC Carpet 3 track. Race was runned in reversed direction. Expectations were high for this start, as we looked the participants list. For example multiple VRC Worldchampion 2015, Netherlands Jeffrey Rietveld was at the lists.
In qualfying we saw how tight this race was going to be. Jeffrey tooked the TQ only by 0.146 seconds away from Finnish supertalent Viljami Kutvonen. Others were close, Graham Raistrick(3rd),Benjamin Lehmann(4th) and Willem Janse van Rensburg(5th) were about 4seconds from the leader. So...we could only wait start of the final.
When the tone horns and cars speed up, Kutvonen and Rietveld took there place at the lead. At lap 2, Jeffrey made little too hungry cut at corner before backstraight and Viljami ran away little.
Margins were very tiny, race was close all the time between these two supermans. Allmost the whole 5 minutes, they battled those 10ths of second and that was absolutely enjoyable to watch.

But even those two guys were competing very hard at front. I would say that, man of this final was Billy Caley. After the qualifying, Billys difference to leader was allmost 9 seconds. He took totally mind blowing start at final, his pace was fantastic and he was actually in the lead in some point of the final. Dont know where he find that speed but it was great to watch. Starting from grid 6 and ending at 3rd place was remarkable, but lap by lap Viljami and Jeffrey increased the lead and finally it was over 3seconds at finish. All in all, a fantastic performance from Billy.

As those three were running they own paths at front. Behind these, were big battle for fourth place. Graham, Dana, Benjamin and Willem were really close each other
the whole final. Tiny mistakes, resolved the fourth place to Graham. As this group drove last minute, they were turning to backstraight, Dana had either bad line or something issue with acceleration and Graham got away. And that was it, Graham took what was salvageable.


1|Viljami Kutvonen|FI|23|05:00.622 2|Jeffrey Rietveld|NL|23|05:01.384 3|Billy Caley|US|23|05:03.956 4|Graham Raistrick|GB|23|05:05.420 5|Benjamin Lehmann|DE|23|05:05.768 6|Dana Bailes|US|23|05:05.982 7|Willem Janse van Rensburg|ZA|23|05:08.564 8|Olev Pihl|EE|23|05:11.086 9|Ralf H. Vey|DE|23|05:13.376 10|Xavier Deparde|FR|22|05:04.988

1|Hijrah Saputra|ID|22|05:02.366 2|Marcelo Borges|BR|22|05:05.340 3|Emanuel Riplinger|DE|22|05:05.810 4|Paulo Guedes|BR|22|05:06.940 5|Kanji Nakamura|JP|22|05:07.678 6|Luke Allam|AU|22|05:13.898 7|Thomas Klingen|DE|21|05:00.110 8|Wolfgang Hoffelner|AT|21|05:01.882 9|Jonathan Csernak|FR|21|05:09.834 10|Max Dellebeke|NL|20|05:10.736

1|Antti Silvennoinen|FI|22|05:04.120 2|Seiya Inoue|JP|22|05:12.096 3|Romain LACROIX|FR|21|05:04.918 4|Henri Vayrette|FR|20|05:08.638 5|Justin Hengelfelt|US|19|05:04.024 6|Tony DELMASTRO|FR|19|05:14.544 7|Jörg Liesigk|DE|DNS 8|Andrew Walters|GB|DNS 9|Keith Fischer|US|DNS 10|Sylvain DAURAT|FR|DNS


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05.02.2016 [16:28]
Keep going Jupe. Good job.
03.02.2016 [01:49]
thanks Jupe!
hope to see more wonderful reports:)
02.02.2016 [22:51]
Great report!
02.02.2016 [22:21]
Nice pictures and report, picture #1 is spectacular!

Edited by author: 2.2.2016 22:21:50 GMT
02.02.2016 [20:38]
Thanks for the report Jupe!

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