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Event report for: 2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS ROUND 1



Race Report by Larry Blair (VRC Pro Race Reporter)

The pro short course series kicked off at R/C Excitement 1 and with a heavy field posted for our first race these drivers did not disappoint the fans. 1st and 2nd place finished with 28 laps while 2nd place through 6th would finish with 26 laps. All of these drivers in the A main put on a fantastic show.

Martin Wollanka brought his skills to the drivers stand and by lap 7 he was already encountering traffic. He was able to maximize his speed out of every corner and showed how throttle control is so important to hitting these super fast lap times. When it was all said and done he ended up 1st on the podium posting 28 laps with a fast lap of 14.6 and a race average of 15.0 and a top speed of 50.1 km/h / 31.1 mph.

Robert Hillman would put up a great challenge for the lead early on and made a very consistent run throughout the race and earned a well deserved 2nd spot on the podium. Make no mistake about it Robert is fast and his results prove it! He posted 28 laps with a fast lap of 15.1 and a race average of 15.4 and a top speed of 48.4 km/h / 30.1 mph.

Arthur Brule posted an impressive 3rd place on the podium. He made a push for the front at the beginning of the race and was the early race leader. He showed that his skill is amongst the best with an impressive display of speed and consistency. Arthur faced challenges from vehicles back through the field to take the final podium spot but in the end he would secure 3rd and gain some valuable points on the seasons opening race. He posted 26 laps with a fast lap of 15.0 and a race average of 16.1 and a top speed of 49.2 km/h / 30.6 mph.

These results don't lie, the points race will be a tight battle for the series championship and everyone will be watching to see who comes out on top.


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