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Season 3, 2013 Round 1



Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Asynchronous vs Synchronus R/C racing

There are two forms of electronic communication, Synchronous and Asynchronous. We have more ways to connect than ever before. News travels at the speed of light and more and more people have access to technology. Why is it so difficult to meet and race in a multiplayer event on VRC? The answer to that question is simple; VRC is best suited to Asynchronous RC Racing. Live multiplayer racing is very fun. Time zones and busy schedules keep many from that type of competition in the Virtual world.
Synchronous communication requires two parties to be present at the same time in a prompt and response style communication in real time, such as speaking on the phone or on skype. Asynchronous communication is the preferred form of communication now; this requires less commitment to time and allows the parties involved time to respond when it is convenient.

When racers go to the track or race in the multiplayer server they are committing to be there live with other racers, this is synchronous RC racing. VRC host Asynchronous RC races each week for racers around the world. Participants do not have to be at the track at the same time, they simply have to race when it is convenient. Over the years this system has become more and more advanced and it almost seems like everyone is racing at the same time.

Season 3 under way
The season break is over and all the drivers are back at the track. This week there was 583 entries in six classes. This was the first race in VRC history that separated classes. Each race category has been divided into three classes. Club, Sport and Pro, club class is reserved for new drivers and those that have less time to practice. Sport class is for those drivers that are emerging as some of the more experienced drivers. The proof is in the results as the final times in sport class were in the top 20 of the Pro class. Pro is for established drivers that have consistently place high in past events, new drivers can decide to turn Pro anytime they want but when you vacate a class you will leave your points behind. 

The 200MM NITRO cars were at Heemstede 2012, 1:12 SPORTSCARS tore up Eppelheim 2007, SHORT COURSE 4WD kicked up the dirt at RC Excitement '12. As I said earlier there were 583 entries in all 6 events spread over 18 classes. The action is always hotly contested and this week was no different.

Backemeyer smashes the competition in SCT
The A main for spec Pro short course was very competitive, Kirby Backemeyer had the pole and took off fast but a few early mistakes allowed the competition to close and pass, Kirby fell back as far as 5th. Jussi Kankaanmäki took the lead followed by Nicolas Evens and Donald Stark rounded out the top three. By the end of lap three Kirby had gained his composure and began to make his way to the front again.

Lap five was the end of hope for the rest of the class as Kirby dropped the hammer and drove it like he stole it. 3rd through 6th place could have been anybody race all the way to the end these positions were so close you could throw a blanket over them. In the end the finish order was: 
1 Kirby Backemeyer
2 Nicolas Evens
3 Jussi Kankaanmäki
4 Kevin Hart
5 Francis Wathlet
6 Donald Stark
7 Claus Didriksen
8 Magnus Hansson
9 Shon Harding
10 Ingo Graf

Video reports on our YouTube channel:
SCT Modified Pro A-Main at RC Excitement
SCT Modified Club A-Main at RC Excitement
SCT Stock Sport A-Main at RC Excitement

Post these videos on your Facebook or Twitter page and share them with your friends!

The Local Yokel
On the local front I have been spending lots of time working and riding my bicycle, I’m still fat but that does not stop me from racing. By the time you read this I will have completed my first mountain bike race in some 20 years. I have a plan to put out consistent effort the 9 mile course. The circuit is technical and steep up and down but I will be cool, calm and consistent. This attitude translated well into RC car racing. RC Cars go so fast and speed kills, but a steady consistent pace with a burst when necessary will always get the job done. If you didn’t win your race this week then practice more. In my case I didn’t run very many laps at all, I just ran my runs and put it away. I got what I got because I did what I did. That is what I like about racing, if I did not place well I have only me to blame.

Help Wanted
1/12th, 10th, 1/8th Club, Sport, Pro on road and offroad race reporters needed. If you have time to give a short paragraph on your class please message me concerning your interest in helping out.

Until next time, Cya at the races
Donald Stark


Only active members can post comments
(Total posts: 3)
24.07.2013 [12:06]
BTW. There are some mixup in the links.. :)

I won the Modified class (Club) with a stock car.. So nice to see that VRC have seen the problem and lowered the speed. :)
19.07.2013 [09:49]
Congratulations to Kirby aka mr.consistant.
God job Donald.
19.07.2013 [06:44]
Great report as always, thanks Donald.

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