Welcome to the 1/8 ''Holland racing''

Welkom wij zijn een Hollandse club binnen VRC pro.
Na +/- een half jaar als een algemene club te zijn geweest,
gaan wij nu verder als een club aleen gericht op 1/8.

Hello we are a Dutch club inside PRC pro.
After + / - half a year as a general club to have been
We will now continue as a 1/8 club only.
Race for fun.

Greetings Mike.

Club details

Club name: 1/8 ''Holland racing''
Created: 07.09.2011
Manager: Mike de Groot
Country: NL Netherlands
Home track: Heemstede 1
Members: 75

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Windows 8.1 update added: 12.11.2013

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Hello all,

I recently updated my PC to windows 8.1 and noticed that VRC Pro was working properly anymore. In the pit table view it was like having a double picture and the colours where not displayed correctly. In game play it was changing to normal colours but the performance was not close to what it was.

I then checked if I had the latest drivers for win 8.1 for my video card, which I hadn't. I then updated to the latest Geforce drivers with support for win 8.1 and everything worked again very well.

So if you update to win 8.1 don't forget to update you video drivers as well.

Best Regards,

G. van Kleef.


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Gaston V
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