Welcome to the Virtual Racing Events

We host live racing events to simulate real life large r/c events. All of our events will be broadcasted live to Facebook and/or YouTube. Everyone is welcome!

Our events will consist of 3 qualifiers, mains will be setup using quali-points, and we will bump 2-up from each main to the next.

First race up, 1/8 Nitro Buggy @ Fear Farm! January 19th, 2019.


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Club name: Virtual Racing Events
Created: 09.12.2018
Manager: TNL Server
Country: US USA
Home track: Phoenix Fear Farm
Members: 94

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SC 10 min added: 31.01.2019

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Associated with track: Heemstede X short course

only for 10min Race

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Jürgen H.
AT Austria
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1:8 Nitro buggy Spec
9.59 (Pro)

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