News of December, 2013


30.12.2013   7 comments


The special 2013 Holiday Season offer was highly appreciated by the VRC Pro members, reaching the maximum allocated number of seats on December 28. Because of the overwhelming demand we have decided to open up another 500 seats at 45% off. This special offer will last till end of January 2014.

With this new offer we hope to convince Free2Play members to get the unlimited all-inclusive membership and to join the 1600+ hard core Premium members to enjoy unlimited virtual r/c racing excitement. MORE RACERS = MORE FUN...

A very warm welcome to all new Premium members who have joined VRC Pro in December and a big thanks for supporting the VRC Pro platform.

On behalf of all of us at Virtual Racing Industries I wish you and your family a prosperous, healthy and successful 2014.

Pieter Bervoets
Founder and CEO


18.12.2013   122 comments


It has been a long wait but they are here: 1:8 scale nitro buggies. It has taken our development team over a year to come up with a nitro buggy that is as close to the real thing as can be. With the help of world class buggy racers David Ronnefalk, David Joor and Ricardo Rabitti plus our valued beta testing team, our physics specialist Todd “Doc” Wasson has been able to develop the buggy from scratch to a responsive and realistic behaving nitro buggy.

To support the animated suspension and steering, new technology had to be developed to render all these parts in real time without killing the frame rate. Tony West has come up with a photo-realistic modeled chassis, the NX-8, and a host of generic and branded components from Proline, BittyDesign, Avid and AKA. More chassis and components will follow in the future upon request of manufacturers.

4 Brand new tracks are released today as well, Psycho Nitro Blast 2012, Speed Paradise Buenos Aires, IBR Padova I... read more


13.12.2013   8 comments



Virtual Racing Industries - the Netherlands
Team Associated – California USA

Heemstede / Lake Forrest
December 12 2013

Team Associated and Virtual Racing Industries (VRI) forge a major collaboration to jointly promote the Team Associated and Virtual RC Racing Pro brands.

Beginning in 2014 Team Associated kit and RTR buyers will receive an included VRC-Pro voucher. The VRC Pro voucher provides a great opportunity for Team Associated buyers offering a fun and easy entry into the world of RC online simulation. Whether you are new to RC, online simulators, a seasoned veteran or any skill level in between VRC-Pro is a great way to sharpen your skills and have a lot of fun doing it!

The included VRC-Pro voucher provides a promotional code giving free access to a full option SC10 4x4 Factory Team short course truck to drive and race in the Free-to-Play VRC-Pro state of the art RC racing simulator. So, be sure to look for your VRC-Pro voucher in your next Te... read more


12.12.2013   56 comments

Today we will perform scheduled maintenance on our servers to prepare for a major update. This is NOT the release of the new 1:8 nitro buggy, that update is scheduled for Wednesday Dec. 18th.

Durining this maintenance period we will update the media structure of VRC Pro. This new structure will cut the total size of VRC Pro to almost half, from 1.8 GB to just under 1 GB at present. With the new media structure the regular updates that may take place when you start VRC Pro will become much smaller and thus quicker. The new media structure also enhances the graphics performance especially on computers using lower end graphics cards.

During this update we will also release a number of new products, like a whole range of Reedy motors and an upgrade of the Tekin Redline motors and RS speedcontrollers to their new Gen 2 version. These new versions replace the older versions so if you are using Tekin products in VRC Pro you will find the new Gen 2 products automatically in your car at next use!

The schedule... read more


10.12.2013   8 comments


With the launch of VRC Pro’s new 1:8 nitro buggy class, Virtual Racing Industries announces a new partnership with BittyDesign from Italy, a company with a strong base in the off-road market. A selection of the BittyDesign custom buggy paintjobs will be featured in VRC-PRO, enabling racers from around the world to use the same body paintjob for their virtual and real buggy! VRC-Pro members can order custom T-shirts and hoodies directly in the BittyDesign shop and add VRC-PRO logo’s to their selection of favorite brands. Special BittyDesign products like custom setup board, pit towel and their famous Stealth buggy wing will be part of the vast selection of products offered in VRC Pro.

With this new partnership BittyDesign recognizes the growing interest of r/c racers to use VRC-PRO as a training tool to hone their racing skills and keep their reflexes sharp. BittyDesign will use VRC-PRO’s in-game promotion features to increase aware... read more


03.12.2013   89 comments


The launch date of the highly anticipated 1:8 nitro buggy is now officially December 18th 2013, just in time for the Christmas holiday period. The nitro buggy is the latest addition to VRC-PRO. Together with this launch, VRC-PRO will also release 4 exciting full-size off-road tracks: Psych Nitro Blast ’12 (US), Speed Paradise Buenos Aires (Ar), IBR Padova (It) and the 2013 IFMAR Worlds edition of Silver Dollar (US). Other full size off-road tracks planned for 2014 are the NeoBuggy Harper track ’13 (UK), the Pataya 2010 Worlds track (Id), the 2013 version of the Psycho Nitro Blast and the 2013 K-netic track (Id).

The 1:8 nitro buggy will only be available as a paid full-option chassis, so we have combined the buggy launch with a very special offer. We’ve now opened up a limited number of seats (1000 only) for the premium unlimited all-inclusive membership at 50% off and only in December! Getting this special deal pays for all of your cars, components ... read more

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