News of November, 2016


28.11.2016   15 comments

With Rally X we have also released a new version of the game software. Besides several bug fixes and internal improvements, version 4.1.4718 has 1 important new feature.

Pit table
When at the pit table you will now see cars running in the background. This should make sitting at your pit table a more dynamic experience. This feature will only work on tracks where your selected car class has raced before, of course... Don't expect any cars in the background on the new Rally X tracks or the other new tracks we will release early December. You can control the number of cars on the track while at the pittable in Options -> Other game options, you can set 0-5, 0 means none.

Horizonal offset
The horizontal offset range (controlled with Alt +/-) is extended from 0-100 to -100 to +100. This may not look like a significant change, but haviung extended it with a negative range means that the horizontal offset will now also work in the other direction. When a negative value is set the car will now grdually move i... read more


28.11.2016   14 comments


The new Rally X (cross) class is released today. The chassis is based on the successful 1:8 scale electric buggy. The setup has been adjusted with limited upstops to prevent the wheels going through the wheel fenders, a wider range of springs and anti-roll bars and 3 pre-defined setups ranging from easy till hard. To learn to control the Rally X car we give you 3 levels, easy, medium and hard. Of course you want to go as fast as possible, but it should also be spectacular. Time will tell what will take priority in this new class.

The Rally X body has 8 different paintjobs to chose from. 2 Wheel styles are available and to start with just 1 tire. Maybe more tires will be added in the future. The modified version comes with a selection of Tekin power, 1900KV, 2150KV and 2650KV, should be enough to get you excited. The Spec chassis comes with a 1450KV motor but has a longer gearing to get decent top speed with the Spec chassis. Only the gearing and the steering angle are adjustable in the free2play Rally X Sp... read more


24.11.2016   34 comments   Video: 1 available


Introducing an exciting new racing class in VRC Pro: Rally X (rally cross). Based on the popular WRX style rally racing, VRC Pro is introducing a complete new experience in r/c racing, a true mix of on- and offroad racing on special Rally X tracks.

Rally X events will also visit existing on-road tracks like Heemstede and Messina in the future which will be converted to RallyX style tracks for these events. The 2016 VRC Worlds kick of with Rally X on the X1 track located in a harbour container terminal area. The X1 and MACH-X tracks will be the first tracks available for Rally X.

Rally X is a new class of r/c racing that is unique to VRC Pro. Rally car racing does not exist in real live r/c racing, but as it combines on- and off-road racing many r/c racers are expected to embrace this spectacular class!

Open the news to see the video!


22.11.2016   30 comments


First images of the new VRC Carpet indoor track designed by Jukka-Pekka Huhtala from Finland. This track came out on top of the 2016 Track Design Competition, and will be used for the 2016 VRC Worlds 1:10 and 1:12. With a massaive 225m it is the biggest indoor carpet track VRC has to offer. It has a superb flow to it and for sure will be enjoyed by all VRC Worlds contenders for sure! Thanks Jukka-Pekka...


14.11.2016   10 comments

VRC celebrates a total of 10 members whi have driven more than 100.000 km in total in VRC. Graham Raistrick from the UK was the first member to reach this milestone back in December 2014. 34 Members have gone over 50.000 km by now. Tom Ebersol from the USA leads the table with a massive 151.296 km drive to date! The 7 new 100.000+ km members have now the title 'Centurion' added to their profile!

VRC Centurions
Tom Ebersole USA 151296 km
Graham Raistrick UK 138248 km
Pierre Dumusc Switzerland 127493 km
Atsushi Takeshita Japan
Sigurður J Elíasson Iceland
Sandro Lage Brazil
Florent Gallot France
Yuji Oshima Japan
Jose angel Vera Spain
Alex Guillot France


08.11.2016   37 comments


Traditionally December is VRC Worlds month. Not only the annual holiday season, but also the most anticipated month in virtual r/c racing. Thousends of r/c racers from all over the world are now preparing for the VRC Worlds.

This year we will introduce a new class: Rally X and we will kick of the VRC Worlds with the very first World Championship for Rally X on November 29th.
This class is based on the 1:8 electric buggy with lowered suspension, special wheels and tires and of course special rally X tracks. The Worlds will be raced on Rally X1, a mixed dirt-asphalt track located in a harbour area. In the future we plan to have more Rally X layouts on this location, but also on existing on-road tracks like Heemstede and Messina which will then be converted to Rally-X style tracks for the occassion of Rally X visiting these tracks.

A total of 17 VRC Worlds events will be organized, All classes except the 3 NASCAR truck classes will be raced in both Open class and Spec class. The Open and Spec class will b... read more

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