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Race:from 15.05.2012 [01:00] to 18.05.2012 [00:00]
Class:1:10 Electric on-road Spec
Track:VRC Carpet 2
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  not selected
Points:not selected
Prizes:Level 1

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Dates: from 15.05.2012 [01:00] to 18.05.2012 [00:00]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 3min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 20, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifference
1Nicola M.ITPro2705:09.662-
2Ingo GATPro2605:00.510+1 laps >
3Bartosz PochopienPLSport2605:02.038+1 laps >
4Marc DATPro2605:02.294+1 laps >
5Atsushi TakeshitaJPPro2605:02.588+1 laps >
6Shaun SZAPro2605:02.666+1 laps >
7Massimo AITPro2605:03.062+1 laps >
8Richard MSEClub2605:03.096+1 laps >
9Rusty W.USClub2605:04.322+1 laps >
10Riaan RowanZASport2605:05.012+1 laps >
11Matthew Q.GBClub2605:05.064+1 laps >
12Szymon NPLSport2605:05.336+1 laps >
13Euenio C.ITClub2605:05.616+1 laps >
14Thomas B.ATPro2605:05.826+1 laps >
15Nuno L.PTPro2605:05.980+1 laps >
16Marc Van der ZonZAPro2605:06.206+1 laps >
17Milan P.CZClub2605:08.136+1 laps >
18Sanjin F.HRPro2605:08.210+1 laps >
19Thomas L.HKPro2605:08.244+1 laps >
20Matthias SteiningerATSport2605:08.764+1 laps >
21Dave YNZPro2605:09.046+1 laps >
22Jaime R.ESClub2605:09.058+1 laps >
23Zoltan VHUSport2605:09.470+1 laps >
24Gary JGBClub2605:09.564+1 laps >
25Torsten K.DEClub2605:09.570+1 laps >
26Andrew C.AUSport2605:10.844+1 laps >
27Davide SITClub2605:10.920+1 laps >
28Zsolt K.HUClub2605:11.024+1 laps >
29Pedro PozoESPro2605:11.168+1 laps >
30Jack I.USClub2605:11.240+1 laps >
31Jim LUSSport2605:11.474+1 laps >
32Jostein S.GBClub2605:11.636+1 laps >
33JEAN-PAUL C.FRSport2505:00.118+2 laps >
34Wouter FZAClub2505:00.134+2 laps >
35Wolfgang S.ATPro2505:00.350+2 laps >
36Hanspeter R.CHSport2505:00.438+2 laps >
37Xavier PFRPro2505:00.460+2 laps >
38Rumsey R.USSport2505:00.474+2 laps >
39Martin B.ATClub2505:01.312+2 laps >
40Marco P.ITClub2505:01.338+2 laps >
41Fred V.NLSport2505:02.284+2 laps >
42Fernando C.MXClub2505:02.320+2 laps >
43Carlos FESClub2505:02.706+2 laps >
44Tomas M.CZClub2505:02.890+2 laps >
45Heinz B.CHClub2505:03.020+2 laps >
46Jens B.DKSport2505:03.208+2 laps >
47Martin MCZClub2505:03.548+2 laps >
48Emanuel RDEClub2505:03.944+2 laps >
49Pedro Jose LESClub2505:04.556+2 laps >
50Wolfgang H.ATSport2505:04.774+2 laps >
51Victor G.ESClub2505:05.636+2 laps >
52Damian AARSport2505:06.194+2 laps >
53Maurizio MITSport2505:06.250+2 laps >
54Yuya Y.JPClub2505:07.170+2 laps >
55Tom EUSSport2505:07.390+2 laps >
56Trevor R.USSport2505:07.604+2 laps >
57Arnaldo G.PTClub2505:07.902+2 laps >
58Panos StavropoulosGRSport2505:08.170+2 laps >
59Fabio BITClub2505:08.600+2 laps >
60Frederic B.FRSport2505:09.778+2 laps >
61Valter D.ITSport2505:10.034+2 laps >
62Milan F.GBClub2505:10.046+2 laps >
63F V.DEClub2505:10.176+2 laps >
64Michael S.USClub2505:10.308+2 laps >
65Aswin NIDClub2505:10.356+2 laps >
66Andrew H.GBClub2505:10.986+2 laps >
67Patryk R.PLClub2505:11.778+2 laps >
68Marco K.DEClub2505:12.738+2 laps >
69Dante M.ITClub2505:13.942+2 laps >
70Miguel C.ESSport2505:14.944+2 laps >
71Wai kin C.HKClub2405:00.132+3 laps >
72Carlyle F.USClub2405:01.140+3 laps >
73Vincent G.NLClub2405:01.894+3 laps >
74Fred F.FRSport2405:01.996+3 laps >
75Les G.GBSport2405:02.334+3 laps >
76Nick P.BEClub2405:02.422+3 laps >
77David RumgayGBSport2405:02.898+3 laps >
78Dandi P.IDClub2405:03.212+3 laps >
79Nicolas L.FRClub2405:03.522+3 laps >
80David M.GBClub2405:03.778+3 laps >
81Eckart B.DESport2405:04.434+3 laps >
82Gary N.USClub2405:04.576+3 laps >
83David WGBClub2405:04.738+3 laps >
84Michael H.DEClub2405:06.200+3 laps >
85Tomek M.PLClub2405:06.558+3 laps >
86Krzysiek N.PLClub2405:06.984+3 laps >
87David V.CZSport2405:07.022+3 laps >
88Zak J.GBClub2405:07.166+3 laps >
89Nick K.USClub2405:08.162+3 laps >
90Kevin B.GBClub2405:08.358+3 laps >
91Hans Guenther HDESport2405:09.010+3 laps >
92Jaume C.ESSport2405:09.748+3 laps >
93Phillip R.AUClub2405:10.652+3 laps >
94Tore SNOClub2405:10.760+3 laps >
95Robert C.NLClub2405:12.402+3 laps >
96Mike K.NLClub2305:00.130+4 laps >
97Anthony M.GBSport2305:01.064+4 laps >
98Marc VBESport2305:02.294+4 laps >
99Tim W.AUClub2305:04.700+4 laps >
100Uwe R.DEClub2305:05.836+4 laps >
101Brad K.USClub2305:09.772+4 laps >
102Leif Benny H.DKSport2305:11.240+4 laps >
103Victor RCHClub2305:11.932+4 laps >
104Alexy FILSport2305:15.366+4 laps >
105Philip L.CAClub2305:15.850+4 laps >
106Alex C.GBClub2305:16.280+4 laps >
107Santo GITSport2205:02.950+5 laps >
108Mike d.NLClub2205:06.146+5 laps >
109RINGOT A.FRClub2205:09.262+5 laps >
110CHRISTOPHE L.FRClub2105:01.270+6 laps >
111Mike K.USClub2105:12.638+6 laps >
112Danny G.BESport2105:13.332+6 laps >
113Giampaolo MoroniITClub2105:18.196+6 laps >
114Ken H.USClub2005:04.164+7 laps >
115Mike MZAClub2005:04.742+7 laps >
116Matthew B.USClub2005:08.082+7 laps >
117Tom D.GBClub2005:16.936+7 laps >
118SALVADOR O.USClub1905:12.080+8 laps >
119Marcus R.TRClub1905:15.490+8 laps >
120Aja A.USClub1705:10.230+10 laps >
121Antonio P.PTClub1705:17.376+10 laps >
122Petr V.CZClub1605:01.098+11 laps >
123Kurtis B.USClub1505:05.276+12 laps >
(Use the checkboxes to select 2 or 3 results to compare lap times!)

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