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Name: Tim B
Age: (restricted)
Country: Netherlands NL
Home town: (restricted)
RC Clubs: MACH
VRC Clubs: Knurd Racing USA, TG1 Club di Kevin Pignotti, CarsRC Racing Club, VRC RC INTERNATIONAL, VRC Fast Boys, Dutch Offroad Racers
Favorite brands: not written by member, tell him to do :)
Favorite VRC tracks: VRC Carpet 2, Collegno, MHS Raceway 1
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Hello my name is Tim Bervoets, I am the head of Marketing and Sales at Virtual Racing Industries, and architect of the VRC World social networking website. I have a background in I...
Best skill rating: 1:10 Electric on-road   rating: 6.75 (Club)
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Social status: Level3

(Total videos: 15)
VRC Pro - inter...
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Views: 536
Added: 26.11.2012
Official R2tW t...
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Views: 919
Added: 20.04.2012
R2tW fast laps ...
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Views: 1129
Added: 15.04.2012
Comparison stud...
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Views: 576
Added: 06.04.2012
2011 VRC Pro MA...
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Views: 583
Added: 23.01.2012
‎2011 VRC Maste...
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Views: 1179
Added: 06.01.2012
‎2011 VRC Maste...
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Views: 1030
Added: 06.01.2012
‎2011 VRC Maste...
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Views: 485
Added: 06.01.2012
Quantum levitat...
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Views: 1080
Added: 05.01.2012
1:12 coming soon
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Views: 478
Added: 08.12.2011
Ronald Volker a...
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Views: 400
Added: 13.09.2011
Serpent (Berton...
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Views: 421
Added: 21.08.2011
Racing line les...
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Views: 419
Added: 24.05.2011
Virtual RC demo...
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Views: 336
Added: 16.05.2011
RC Drifting
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Views: 345
Added: 16.05.2011

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