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Harper Adams indoor track, home of the famous NEO events, one of the biggest buggy events in the world. This is the NEO14 lay-out.
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News of July, 2015



It looked like Series leader Malinski had the race covered at Round 11 of Season 1 at NEO14, but as so often in off-road racing, you've got to stay out of trouble to make it to the finish line first. The whole 20 minute A-Main he battled with Austrian Martin Wollanka for the lead, and as he was hoping for a 1-stop fuel strategy he was looking to walk away with another win until the last 3 laps of this race. His fuel strategy didn't work out and a very late pitstop 30 seconds before the end dropped him back right on Wollanka's bumper. Tobias Isacson blew it right at the start and had to race all the way from the back of the field and managed to secure the 3rd podium place after a hard race with Fredrik Boden and Thomas Engman. Watch the video to see how this A-Main unwinded.


1. Martin Wollanka AT Austria 44 20:19.243 2. Marcin Maliński PL Poland 44 20:20.665 3. Tobias Isaksson SE Sweden 43 20:02.429 4. Fredrik Boden SE Sweden 43 20:11.635 5. Björn Engman SE Sweden 43 20:16.311 6. Claus Didriksen NO Norway 42 20:14.857 7. Craig Harris GB United Kingdom 42 20:25.446 8. Igor Goderski PL Poland 41 20:17.748 9. Thomas NUZZACI FR France DNS 10. Patrick Hofer CH Switzerland DNS

1. Harry Schnarkowski DE Germany 42 20:16.006 2. Dan Phillion CA Canada 42 20:16.786 3. Jonas Dalensjö SE Sweden 41 20:14.957 4. Nick Sublette US USA 41 20:21.365 5. Brad Thorn US USA 40 20:07.889 6. Dieter Kaufmann AT Austria 39 20:02.634 7. Tristan Deichtmann FR France DNS 8. Eric Chmielewski US USA DNS 9. Tony Moore US USA DNS 10. Patrick Eisenmenger DE Germany DNS

1. Warren Jones US USA 42 20:13.263 2. Johannes Lamprecht DE Germany 42 20:24.826 3. Cyrille Payet RE Reunion Island 41 20:15.045 4. Jim Turner US USA 41 20:16.360 5. Tobias Flensburg SE Sweden 41 20:17.452 6. Klas Norman SE Sweden 41 20:18.994 7. Masato Maruko JP Japan 41 20:20.735 8. Arturas Svoba LT Lithuania 39 20:01.163 9. Mattias Norén SE Sweden 37 20:05.409 10. Kostas-xray Katsadonis GR Greece 22 20:08.926


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30.09.2015 [18:21]

02.09.2015 [01:35]
Glad to hear! They're a real highlight of VRC. Definitely worth the effort and much appreciated :)
01.09.2015 [08:35]
summer break... Mike was not available for sometime, we should have this started again soon. Quite a bit of work...
01.09.2015 [07:03]
What, no race videos anymore after this one?
02.07.2015 [17:16]
I love watching and listening to these videos as much as the real thing. Thanks guys!

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