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14.11.2016 Video: Video 1  Video 2  

SEASON 2016 electric nascartruck modified, round 11, Sydney John Grant Raceway

Round 11 of electric nascartruck series was helded here in Sydney, John Grant Raceway.
Track is well known to those drivers, who participated the Worlds2015 in here.


In time practiced Huhtala from Finland was the fastest with average 19.616. Second fastest, Britains Ritchie Thorn, got 19.656 and was only 0.6 seconds behind Huhtala.
Italian Andrea Giordano was the third and André Fossto from Sweden, fourth fastest. Giordano was 1.8 and Fossto 2.3 seconds behind leader. Once again, another Italian, Tommaso Andreuccetti was at top speed. With average 19.967 he got 5th fastest run. Not faraway, only 2.7 seconds behind Andreuccetti, was Hong Kong`s Carson Yeung. Carson and his son had participated to NitroBuggy Worlds2016 at Las Vegas and was now ”back in business”. With new winds, Carson was one to look for when this event would get older.
Ok, as ive mentioned in earlier races, these rounds were so early stage that everybody was just searching setup and lines. Nothing had solved yet.


In qualifying round Britains Ritchie Thorn hitted very good run. With 19.533 average he was one second faster than second fastest, Andrea Giordano from Italy. Huhtala was in third spot, over two second behind Thorn. Fourth and fifth place went to Carson Yeung and Tommaso Andreuccetti, they had very similar pace and gap between these two were only half a second. Distance to leader was about 7 seconds.
Austrian Alexander Dunkl and Jon Esteban Martin were next in a row, sixth and seventh.
Dunkl had average 20.2 and Martin 20.3, and they had about 11 seconds to leader.
Eighth fastest was Philippe Gross, with 20.4 average, he had 13 seconds distance to lead.
Behind Gross, in ninth position, was Jean-Paul Cuk from France and in 10 position Laurent Soreil, also from France.


Italian Andrea Giordano was the fastest at this round. It was very exiting, as we had witnessed Huhtala beeing fastest at timed practice, Thorn fastest at qualifying and now Giordano was setting the pace in bumpup. So, was it upcoming three mans deal or something else, but it was worth to wait. Thorn was in second place with 0.6 and Huhtala in third place, 0.7 seconds behind Giordano.
Andreuccetti got fourth place with 5.5seconds margin to leader. Hong Kong`s Carson Yeung was very close behind Andreuccetti`s tail, gap between these to was only one second. Man in sixth place was worth to watch, as Britains Graham Raistrick had also joined to this event. Graham`s distance to Giordano was almost 7 seconds, but this pace wasnt what he was looking for.
It was exiting to wait, how fast this multiple VRC PRO Worlds finalist would be at race.
Rest of the field, who got the ticket to A-main, was Peka, Dunkl, Gross and Soreil.
Peka was 3 seconds behind Raistrick at sixth place and rest of the field were all inside three seconds with Peka.


Looking the earlier rounds, this was three mans battle of highest podium place. It was bit sad, as we witnessed that Thorn, who was second fastest at qualifying, wasnt at the grid. But there was enough drivers to give us a good entertainment. Before it was thought that Thorn and Huhtala were those ones, who could challenge Giordano of that first place. But no they didnt, Huhtala wasnt rhytm at all. Giordano had almost one 10`th faster than Huhtala, and this solved winner in here. Giordano`s good rhytm and fantastic consistency, secured his victory. Gap between these two was about two seconds when they came to checkered flag.

Giordano had so great pace and Huhtala didnt got weapons to answer that.

Andreuccetti in third place, had pretty boring race, his third place was stable and secured as he had 7 seconds to Huhtala in third and 5 seconds to Raistrick at fourth place. But this was great race from Tommaso, no doubt that.

Andreuccetti had stable third place, great driving by Tommaso.

So, Britains multiple WC finalist Raistrick got fourth place, but he didnt get this easy. Carson Yeung was pushing real hard during the final and pressuring Raistrick. In average laptime, they had half 10th`s distance, and this was enough to Raistrick. Good pressure from Carson also!
Four seconds behind Yeung, at sixth place, was Czech Milan Peka. Milan had also guite stable race, when Austrian Dunkl was 3 seconds behind at seventh place, when time expired.

Multiple WC finalist Raistrick was pressured by Yeung.

Philippe Gross from Switzerland crossed the line in eighth place. Philippe had showed magnificent pace and result during this season and it was bit annoying to watch, when he was struggling and didnt feel this track comfortable to his style. Discussing with Philippe, there was some difficulties to get setup in good balance. But all in all, Philippe has been tough opponent to all, during this season. Last but not least in A-main, in ninth place was Laurent Soreil from France. Laurent was 3 seconds behind Gross, when race ended. Ver nice result from Laurent!

In B-final we had great battle. French Jean-Paul Cuk was the toughest and took the win with 1.5 seconds gap to Britains Stewart Smith.
Smith, Merrits from USA and Hungarian VÀRI had really intence final. They swapped the places whole final and this great battle solved to Smith. He got that second place with tiny 0.4 seconds margin before Merrits. Merrits crossed the line in third place but Vári was really really close, ONLY 0.038 SECONDS behind. Unbeliavable final, great job guys!


Behalf of VRC PRO,




1Andrea GiordanoIT3010:08.052
2Jukka-Pekka HuhtalaFI3010:10.192
3Tommaso AndreuccettiIT3010:17.148
4Graham RaistrickGB2910:02.060
5Carson YeungHK2910:03.522
6Milan PekaCZ2910:07.664
7Alexander DunklAT2910:10.578
8Philippe GrossCH2910:14.166
9Laurent SoreilFR2910:17.558
10Ritchie ThornGBDNS


1JEAN-PAUL CUKFR2810:00.570
2Stewart SmithGB2810:02.144
3Jim MerrittsUS2810:02.550
4László VÁRIHU2810:02.588
5Jean-philippe CsernakFR2810:11.182
6Billy YeungHK2810:13.030
8Hans Guenther HeitschDE2810:20.688
9Yuriy MeshkovRU2710:06.166
10Stephen CheungAUDNS


1Jukka-Pekka Huhtala614
2Graham Raistrick610
3Philippe Gross566
4Milan Peka542
5Billy Yeung499
6Alexander Dunkl491
7Andrea Giordano474
8Hans Guenther Heitsch445
9Carson Yeung441
10Yuriy Meshkov438
11Aron Roach432
12Jim Merritts429
13Gary Sundman395
14Thomas Klingen392
15Joost Wouters389
16Lando Landini381
17Giovanni F. Di Berardino365
18Steve Pitts341
19Philip Lee333
20Stephen Cheung332


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Pages: 1 | 2 (Total posts: 12)
16.11.2016 [18:07]
Thank you Jupe for spending so much time on your fantastic reports!
15.11.2016 [22:20]

Thank you very much Alexander and Philippe!
These compliments from all of you are most aphreciated!

One more race and ive got vacation...heh!
15.11.2016 [22:13]
Thank you Jupe for spending so much time on your fantastic reports!
15.11.2016 [20:04]
Thanks for ALL the reports in this season.
15.11.2016 [14:46]
Thanks Sandro and Billy about compliments!
15.11.2016 [12:57]
Thanks Sandro, i have just a very good feeling with these cars. Jupe and Ritchie was very strong here, i tried to do my best.
15.11.2016 [01:56]
Very nice report and video, thanks Jupe!
14.11.2016 [22:19]
Very good run Andrea !! Congratulations, fast and consistent !! I need to learn from you.
Jupe, your reports brings the excitement even without watching the video. Congratulations!!
14.11.2016 [14:55]
Thanks guys! Remember that quality of those videos is bit better when you watch them straight from Youtube.
14.11.2016 [14:33]
Very nice report to read, thanks Jupe!

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